A shoe never lies.

A shoe tells the world who you are and, alone, it can change the way a man presents himself.

A well dressed man with ugly shoes is nothing but a man with ugly shoes.

A Stylish man doesn’t have to be “trendy”. He doesn’t care about trends, he gets noticed for his uniqueness and elegance.
These were the convictions behind the project Barbanera, started in 2011 by the brothers Sergio and Sebastiano Guardì and Alessandro Pagliacci.

Although coming from very different working backgrounds (a rock musician, an advertising executive for luxury brands and a young entrepeneur) they share the passion for hand crafted shoes and the conviction that style is something that you can only recognise once you see it and it  has nothing to do with temporary fashion.

Each one of these partners contributed with his personal taste for the creation of a unique collection of gentlemens shoes with a strong twist, which can be “dandy”, “rock’n’roll”  as well as “classic”, thanks to the design and  dedicated selection of materials and colours.

Inspiration comes from the real dandies from the past, jazz music, rock’n’roll/blues musicians, writers, painters, artists, all people with strong characters, that used to change and influence what surrounded them instead of being influenced by. People that decided to risk and to create trends, instead of following them. The name of each model of the collection is a good example of that.

The idea behind Barbanera is to create  high quality and timeless shoes and garments with NO COMPROMISE, thanks to a combination of tradition, precious leathers and fabrics, research, true creative harmony and unsurpassed 100% Italian craftsmanship. The motto “TRUTH and CULTURE” is what drives us in everything we make.

Usually, there is a distinction between good classic shoes made by old shoemakers and “cool” shoes made by fashion brands. The first ones are not so “fancy” but made with very high quality. The other ones are captivating but not so good in terms of quality.
With Barbanera, this distinction doesn’t exist. Every kind of model (classic, dandy, rock’n’roll) got the same (high) quality.

They’re not only good looking shoes, but durable, thanks to the great care for details and for finishing. Great design, with a great quality. That epitomizes the philosophy of the brand.

Comfort and uniqueness are guaranteed by the carefully chosen leather and materials, the “Goodyear” welting process, the care for details.

Following the success of the shoes, in 2017 the first Barbanera  apparel and accessories collection was launched. Shirts, leather jackets, coats, tshirts, scarves, jeans, knitwear are totally made in Italy utilizing the best fabrics available (mostly from Italy and Japan), with the typical “Barbanera style”: a mixture between sartorial, country-style and “rock’n’roll” elements. Cool and timeless at the same time. Like the real modern gentleman style should be.