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White “Shoot fast, dress slow” Raw Cotton Tshirt


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One of our new tshirts series featuring โ€œRamonโ€. But who is Ramon?
Everyone is talkingย about metaverseย nowadays. Virtual shops, virtual modelsโ€ฆ And itโ€™s amazing.

But while everybody is โ€œhiringโ€ models made of pixels and building intangible departmentย stores we reply in our way: with ART & INK. We made castings, saw lots of โ€œpeopleโ€ and finally found the right guy.
Ladies and gentlemen, let us introduce to you Mr Ramon Barbanera, our new โ€œtestimonialโ€ and main character of these tshirts.
Heโ€™s a bastard, a gentleman, a good hearted guy but surely not a conventional hero. And well, heโ€™s got style and heโ€™s the coolest out there (he wears Barbanera only..).

This tee,ย  made of the bestย  heavy raw cotton like the vintage tshirts used to be,ย  is just special. Made in Italy, it features a โ€œSpaghetti Westernโ€ original artย  print and the perfect fit: not baggy, notย  too tight.

Shoot fast, dress slow!

Product Details

  • White “Shoot fast Dress slowโ€ heavy raw cotton t-shirt
  • 100% 7oz cotton
  • made in Italy
  • Fits true size. Take your normal size