• Cash

    Not for your white collar friend

  • Starman

    In 2016 we lost one of the greatest musicians of all time. David Bowie was not only an artist , but also an icon with a unique and inimitable style that has influenced an era . Did you really think we would not have celebrated his boundless genius? With the iconic lightining bolt shaped side elastic and the rock’n’roll feeling, the limited edition “Starman” boots are our tribute to Bowie and all that he represented. “There’s a starman waiting in the sky, he’d like to come and meet us but he thinks he’d blow our minds…”

  • Cash

    Not for your white collar friend

  • Sperelli

    Our signature full brogue model

  • Rimbaud

    Our unlined loafers. Very comfortable, you can easily fold and put them in your bag when you travel. In super soft suede or in the new braided leather, it’s one of the most versatile summer shoe we ever designed: you can wear them to go to the beach, on the boat, with shorts or a pair of jeans for an informal occasion.

  • Del Dongo

    Our Chelsea boots. Very tapered, sleek and tight on the ankle.

  • Hemingway

    Our signature loafers. With tassels. A must in every man’s shoe rack.

  • Kerouac

    Our derby balmoral boots with old-world inspiration

  • Lermontov

    Perfect for informal occasions or to give a different twist to your classic outfit