We were three professionals from very different backgrounds (a rock musician, an advertising executive for luxury brands and an entrepreneur) sharing a common passion and the belief that style is something that you can only recognize once you see it and it has nothing to do with temporary fashion.

We founded Barbanera in 2012. Each one of us contributed with his personal taste to the creation of a unique collection of gentlemen shoes and ready-to-wear with a strong twist, which can be โ€œdandyโ€, โ€œRockโ€™nโ€™Rollโ€ as well as โ€œclassicโ€ or โ€œsartorialโ€.

The idea behind Barbanera is to create high quality timeless shoes and garments with NO COMPROMISE, thanks to a combination of tradition, precious leathers and fabrics, research, true creative harmony and unmatched 100% Italian craftsmanship. Since the beginning we wanted to recover and firmly keep the best Italian artisanal tradition, but using it in an “untraditional” way.

The motto โ€œTRUTH and CULTUREโ€ is what drives us in everything we do.

We believe that style is not what you own, style is what you know. You are not what you wear, you wear what you are.

Barbanera is a 100% Made in Italy brand.

 Shoes are made in the heart of the beautiful Tuscan country-side, a place globally known for its shoe-making tradition.

Each pair of shoes is cut and finished entirely by hand, to obtain the highest quality for extremely durable, soft and comfortable shoes.

Garments, like shoes, are Made in Italy. After a true research and travels all over the country, we picked up the right suppliers, the right PEOPLE to work with, in order to turn a vision and the designs in products, to offer to customers only the best.

Inspiration comes from the real dandies from the past, Jazz music, Rockโ€™nโ€™Roll / Blues musicians, actors, literature, writers, painters, artists. All people with strong characters, that used to change and influence what surrounded them instead of being influenced by. People that decided to risk and created trends, instead of following them.

Attention to details is the key. Basics and must have items have been revisited and reinvented through the codes of the brand.

Fabrics and materials are as important as design. Selvedge Japanese and Italian denim, Italian and Japanese cottons, wool, cashmere, fine leathers from Italy, England and France.

We never liked categorizations.

The only categorization we know is beautiful things VS ugly things/good taste VS bad taste.

We are designing for the infamous bastard and the immaculate gentleman, for those who act with the heart. For the one that is in a conference giving a talk in the morning and then gets down to the street to live the city, feel the vibe of existence on a motorbike or in the cradle of nature.

Alessandro, Sebastiano e Sergio.