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Cormac Brown Waxy Kudu Leather Boots


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“Westernโ€ style is one ofย  our influences so, sooner or later, we “had” to make Barbanera cowboy boots. Every man should have a pair of them in his shoe rack, and there are billions of brands making western boots. But, have you ever tried to wear your cowboy boots with a pair of tight jeans? Yes, itโ€™s impossible or, in the best case, you will look like an idiot. The only way to wear classic western boot is with baggy jeans or putting your jeans inside them. So we decided to make things our way. We designed traditional middle round toe boots, GOODYEAR welted, made with the best rugged waterproof suede with deerskin inserts and a tight shaft thanks to the back zipper, typical of riding boots. So with our Cormac boots now you can have the feeling of a proper strong cowboy boot, without sacrificing style for a real โ€œbadassโ€ look with slim fit jeans, trousers or (why not?) suits. Now also available in a precious yet very resistant waxy calf skin and in the super cool waxy “gaucho” kudu leather.

Have you ever heard about Spaghetti western? The good, the bad and the cool. Yee haw!

This version is made of kudu leather. Kudu is an antelope known for its very particular skin. This allows to obtain shoes and accessories with a different โ€œflavourโ€ and unique feeling. They have strong character and a real rugged look. They are also waxed and finished by hand, so every pair is different from the other.


Product Details

  • Waxy “Gaucho” Kudu leather /brown waxy leather inserts rear-zip cowboy boots
  • Made in Italy
  • Genuine leather sole
  • 4,0 cm cuban heel
  • Goodyear welted